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I recently took a community response training class with Jimmy Graham and found it very beneficial.  The course took a group of people that all live in the Castle Rock, Colorado area and put us all on the same page tactically.  I never thought about the benefits of this type of training, but it quickly became apparent how important it was.  We learned to communicate as a team with one common language.  We learned how to maneuver through buildings where an active shooter may or may not be, all while keeping strict zones and muzzle discipline.  We worked as a single man and also in 4 man teams.  We also learned how to properly handle flashlights while controlling our weapons. This was done in the dark with “threats” that could be around any corner at any time.  It was a true showing of how a person would react in a real situation. The course exposed many areas of weakness and makes me only want to learn more.  The training is second to none in my opinion.


Castle Rock, Colorado

I recently had the privilege of being trained by Jimmy Graham with Duty to Act. The Course is called Community Response Training. I have had my Concealed Carry Handgun Permit since 2005. And I have spent my entire life being comfortable around guns, and hunting and shooting.

When I first started the training with Jimmy Graham, I realized that having a concealed carry permit and being comfortable around guns was not enough however. The training I received was thorough and amazing, giving me the knowledge and skills needed to defend myself and others.

I feel 100% more confident handling a handgun for self defense, while being able to respond to a threat to myself, my family, or others. I did learn how to identify a real threat and respond effectively. In fact, this training made me aware and gave me the tools to even react and respond safely and effectively to an active shooter situation. I hope I am never in that type of situation; but if I am, I now feel that I have the confidence to make a difference and save lives.

I highly recommend that anyone and everyone should consider training with Jimmy Graham and the Community Response Training. This training will make the difference in your safety, the safety of your family, and your community.


Castle Rock, Colorado

We contracted with Duty To Act to provide law enforcement training on violent encounters and response to active shooter events. Jimmy listened to our needs and created a curriculum that was second to none. He integrated well with the students and was able to gain their trust very quickly. Jimmy has a unique background that allows for realism in his training. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Jimmy and DTA for any force-based or tactical law enforcement training.


Virginia, Owner, Lead Instructor186 Training and Consulting LLC

Jimmy Graham (i.e. Duty to Act) has produced a self defense training program that is second to none. With a few engaging and challenging days of training I have progressed from unsure how to handle myself and others in a threat situation to confident I can remove a threat and save those around me. Jimmy’s leadership, confidence, and ability to effectively communicate maximized the time we spent together, and I walked away feeling like I gained far more than than what I invested. Training with Duty to Act is a must for anyone who wants to ensure they have prepared themselves for the uncertain days ahead. I will be training more with Duty to Act!


Founder/President, The Cowboy Academy

When the unfortunate happens, do not be caught uneducated and untrained… If you want the best training for armed and unarmed conflict, this is it. This training will surpass anything else available in the private sector or military and give you THE BEST tools to overcome violent encounters. This IS the best training money can buy.


Elizabeth, Colorado

Buying a pencil doesn’t make you a writer any more than buying a book on self defense protects you. Training in unarmed or armed self defense, for yourself and your family, translates into more than memorizing tons of moves. It means being up and ready in hours, not years. Jimmy Graham’s expert and efficient training AND simulation, the combination which very few provide, get’s close to the real deal: An actual attack! Training for tough decisions under Jimmy’s expert eyes prepares you and your family for what life will unexpectedly bring—with confidence.


Author, LIttleton, Colorado

My husband and I were very impressed with the Protecting our People self defense class we took last Saturday with Veteran Navy SEAL, Jimmy Graham. Mothers: He has a class designed for women with children and how to keep them and yourself safe. My daughter Arielle Clay is helping to organize one of those classes coming up this month. She has taken this ” Momma Bear” class and loved it. Friends, EVERYONE would benefit from taking one of these classes! Don’t be a potential victim! An added benefit: IT’S FUN!!!!!!!!!! Please check out his website: http://dutytoact.com/, and FB page Duty to Act.


Fort Collins, Colorado

Jimmy Graham is the real deal! Jimmy served as both guest speaker as well as session trainer for our group comprised of men from five different states. Jimmy is an engaging and passionate speaker. As far as teaching/training – his ability to clearly articulate & faithfully demonstrate skills is impressive; however, his gift of instilling confidence in his students/clients is phenomenal!

Jimmy Graham = Man of Honor / Man of Faith


Pastor, Real Life Chapel Church of the Nazarene

“If you are leading a team of students or young adults on a missions trip I highly recommend you taking your team through Jimmy Graham’s “Team Building and Safety Course.” As a Pastor it is my responsibility to not only help students spread the Gospel, but to make sure that they are safe while doing it. Jimmy’s course helped our students bond into a team as well as gave them practical skills to help keep each other safe while in another country. As a leader knowing my students can help one another gives me the ability to focus on helping them spread the Gospel. I cannot stress how much Jimmy’s class helped our students feel confident and comfortable while doing ministry in another country. I plan on having Jimmy take all of our missions teams through his class because it really does make a difference. Jimmy invested a good amount of time in order to make our class tailored to our needs and our destination. As a leader I felt better equipped to lead my team safely and effectively while in-country. Jimmy has a gift to teach practical skills with humor and effectiveness. His ability to instill confidence in people and in a team astounds me.”


Lead Generations Pastor, Trinity Church

As Senior Pastor of Pisgah Baptist Church, I saw first hand the quality of work and dependability of Jimmy Graham. We worked together for several months on the details regarding a training/retreat event for 50+ men and found him to be easy to work with, creative, and professional. His biblical presentations were articulate and faithful. His firearms instruction was everything you would expect from a subject matter expert, covering everything from safety to gear to weapons manipulation.

I would highly recommend Jimmy Graham (Duty to Act) to any individual, family, church, etc. for your needs regarding security related training or consultation. He demonstrates both the character and capability required for his profession.


Senior Pastor, LE Chaplain

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