Law Enforcement


“We believe that those whom we call to defend our loved ones in a crisis should have the best training available to be successful.”

  • Law enforcement and other emergency response personnel today deserve the very best. 
  • ASR Training Center specializes in reality based training programs that provides our first responder personnel with the skills to survive, both on and off the clock.
  • Presented skills are validated with scenarios to reinforce strengths and provide correction and growth in areas of weakness. The time is now to prepare for what lies ahead.

IMG_0001Monte Vista Active Shooter CourseIMG_0003

Team training for LE/FD/EMS ranges from half-day sessions to annual packages.

5-Day Community Unified Response to Active Shooter Package:

This 5 day course consists of:

  • 3 Days of tactical skills training for law enforcement personnel
  • Community involvement with an active shooter response seminar
  • 1 day of training for fire dept ,EMS and dispatch personnel
  • 1 day of full-scale active shooter scenarios to validate learned skills

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