“Some of the best parts of the “Teams” that I greatly miss (brotherhood, camaraderie, accountability, etc.), I can have again with my buddies here at home. This is about more than shooting guns… but we shoot guns… a lot.”    
– Jimmy Graham, Director ASRTC, veteran US Navy SEAL

“Able Shepherd” is a designation for individuals that have:
– Attained an elevated standard of training with primary and secondary weapons platforms (rifle/pistol).
– Aspired to a higher standard that is predetermined from within the group
– Have agreed to be accountable to one another.

Able Shepherds receive access to the Able Shepherd Group on Facebook, Challenge Coin, and Patch.

Held to a higher standard.

Uniformity: Have displayed a high level of proficiency in reality based validations and have demonstrated the ability to shoot, move, and communicate with team members under stress.

Safety: Consistently manipulates weapons platforms with the highest level of efficiency and safety.

Accuracy: Have voluntarily subjected themselves to Phase Line Evaluations for accurate fire under stress and have passed the designated standard.

ASR training center has set a standard for a progressive training program so that if/when an Able Shepherd is called upon, there is a reliable assumption that they are ready and able to serve.

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